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13/05/2020 ASTM D3987 - 12(2020) Standard Practice for Shake Extraction of Solid Waste with Water
23/03/2020 ASTM C1174 - 20 Standard Guide for Evaluation of Long-Term Behavior of Materials Used in Engineered Barrier Systems (EBS) for Geological Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste
18/02/2020 ASTM D5681 - 20 Standard Terminology for Waste and Waste Management
07/10/2019 ASTM D6009 - 19 Standard Guide for Sampling Waste Piles
03/07/2019 ISO 14090:2019 Managing the impact of climate change: First International Standard for adaptation published
25/06/2019 ISO/TC 323 Connecting the dots in a circular economy: a new ISO technical committee just formed
01/04/2019 ISO 9001:2015 ISO 18091 standard brings sustainable development to local government
11/12/2018 ISO 14064-1 [Under development] ISO at COP24: International Standards as essential tools for climate action
05/12/2018 ASTM D5681 - 18 Standard Terminology for Waste and Waste Management
12/09/2018 ISOfocus magazine Latest ISOfocus maps global goals for sustainable development
28/06/2018 ISO 14080:2018 Powerful new weapon in the fight against climate change
14/06/2018 ASTM WK63820 Revision of D6349 - 13 Standard Test Method for Determination of Major and Minor Elements in Coal, Coke, and Solid Residues from Combustion of Coal and Coke by Inductively Coupled Plasma—Atomic Emission Spectrometry
10/01/2018 ASTM D6316 - 17 Standard Test Method for Determination of Total, Combustible and Carbonate Carbon in Solid Residues from Coal and Coke
04/10/2017 ASTM D5681 - 17 Standard Terminology for Waste and Waste Management
16/06/2017 ISO 14001:2015 New ISO handbook brings environmental management to SMEs
13/06/2017 ASTM WK59321 Revision of D6316 - 09be1 Standard Test Method for Determination of Total, Combustible and Carbonate Carbon in Solid Residues from Coal and Coke
05/05/2017 ISO/DIS 14080 New ISO standard for climate action framework under development
24/02/2017 ISO/CD 21741 ISO/CD 21741 - Stationary source emissions -- Sampling and determination of mercury in flue gas using gold amalgamation trap
24/02/2017 ISO/DIS 20463 ISO/DIS 20463 - Rubber and rubber products -- Determination method of combustion energy and CO2 emission from bio-based and non bio-based materials
17/02/2017 ISO 14052 ISO 14052 - Environmental management -- Material flow cost accounting -- Guidance for practical implementation in a supply chain
13/02/2017 ISO/CD 37158 ISO/CD 37158 - Smart community infrastructures - Battery-powered bus transportation systems to solve environmental and safety issues in cities
13/02/2017 ISO/PRF TS 24520 ISO/PRF TS 24520 - Service activities relating to drinking water supply systems and wastewater systems -- Crisis management -- Good practice for technical aspects
06/02/2017 ISO 13315-4 ISO 13315-4 - Environmental management for concrete and concrete structures -- Part 4: Environmental design of concrete structures
01/02/2017 ISO/FDIS 24516-3 ISO/FDIS 24516-3 - Guidelines for the management of assets of water supply and wastewater systems -- Part 3: Wastewater collection networks
27/01/2017 ISO/PRF TR 27915 ISO/PRF TR 27915 - Carbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage -- Quantification and verification