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06/05/2021 Leilei Zhang, Zhaobo Gong, Lili Lin, Xinghua Wang, Xianghong Lv, Jian Li, Chen Wang, Di Kou Corrosion-induced CaCO3 fouling in steel tube of oilfield wastewater treatment and the interfacial bonding mechanism: An experimental and theoretical investigation
22/04/2021 Li Nianyin, Yu Jiajie, Wang Chao, Zhang Suiwang, Liu Xiangke, Kang Jia, Wang Yuan, Dai Yinhong Fracturing technology with carbon dioxide: A review
22/04/2021 Jinhyung Cho, Baehyun Min, Seoyoon Kwon, Gayoung Park, Kun Sang Lee Compositional modeling with formation damage to investigate the effects of CO2–CH4 water alternating gas (WAG) on performance of coupled enhanced oil recovery and geological carbon storage
22/04/2021 Raphael Iddphonce, Jinjie Wang Investigation of CO2 and CH4 competitive adsorption during enhanced shale gas production
22/04/2021 Qian Wang, Jian Shen, Piroska Lorinczi, Paul Glover, Shenglai Yang, Hao Chen Oil production performance and reservoir damage distribution of miscible CO2 soaking-alternating-gas (CO2-SAG) flooding in low permeability heterogeneous sandstone reservoirs
22/04/2021 Rui-han Zhang, Jian-fa Wu, Yu-long Zhao, Xiao He, Rui-he Wang Numerical simulation of the feasibility of supercritical CO2 storage and enhanced shale gas recovery considering complex fracture networks
14/05/2019 Javier García Breva La lucha contra el cambio climático obliga a cambiar el organigrama de todas las administraciones públicas
09/04/2019 Javier García Breva El doble discurso corporativo amenaza el medio ambiente
15/02/2019 Javier García Breva Una gobernanza del clima no apta para contaminadores
02/07/2018 S. Peirce, M.E. Russo, R. Perfetto, C. Capasso, M. Rossi, R. Fernandez-Lafuente, P. Salatino, A. Marzocchella Kinetic characterization of carbonic anhydrase immobilized on magnetic nanoparticles as biocatalyst for CO2 capture
15/05/2018 M.T. Izquierdo, V. Gasquet, E. Sansom, M. Ojeda, S. Garcia, M.M. Maroto-Valer Lithium-based sorbents for high temperature CO2 capture: Effect of precursor materials and synthesis method
16/04/2018 M. Minutillo, A. Forcina, N. Jannelli, A. Lubrano Lavadera Assessment of a sustainable energy chain designed for promoting the hydrogen mobility by means of fuel-cell powered bicycles
16/04/2018 Alireza Talaei, Md. Ahiduzzaman, Amit Kumar Assessment of long-term energy efficiency improvement and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation potentials in the chemical sector
16/04/2018 Gunda Mohanakrishna, Riyadh I. Al-Raoush, Ibrahim M. Abu-Reesh Induced bioelectrochemical metabolism for bioremediation of petroleum refinery wastewater: Optimization of applied potential and flow of wastewater
16/04/2018 Hao Wu, Yu Fu, Chunyu Guo, Yanbo Li, Nanzhe Jiang, Chengri Yin Electricity generation and removal performance of a microbial fuel cell using sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone) as proton exchange membrane to treat phenol/acetone wastewater
16/04/2018 Ashley J. Ansari, Faisal I. Hai, William E. Price, Huu H. Ngo, Wenshan Guo, Long D. Nghiem Assessing the integration of forward osmosis and anaerobic digestion for simultaneous wastewater treatment and resource recovery
11/04/2018 Ting Huang, Guangming Zhang, Nan Zhang, Jie Ye, Guang Xian Pre-magnetization by weak magnetic field enhancing Fe0-Fenton process for wastewater treatment
10/04/2018 Xiangnan Song, Yujie Lu, Liyin Shen, Xunpeng Shi Will China's building sector participate in emission trading system? Insights from modelling an owner's optimal carbon reduction strategies
09/04/2018 Jintong Gao, Qi Zhang, Xiaozhuang Wang, Dayong Song, Weiqi Liu, Wenchao Liu Exergy and exergoeconomic analyses with modeling for CO2 allocation of coal-fired CHP plants
09/04/2018 Shanzhi Xin, Tie Mi, Xiaoye Liu, Fang Huang Effect of torrefaction on the pyrolysis characteristics of high moisture herbaceous residues
04/04/2018 S.K. Mahla, Amit Dhir, Kanwar J.S. Gill, Haeng Muk Cho, Hee Chang Lim, Bhupendra Singh Chauhan Influence of EGR on the simultaneous reduction of NOx-smoke emissions trade-off under CNG-biodiesel dual fuel engine
04/04/2018 Gregor Kravanja, Gašper Zajc, Željko Knez, Mojca Škerget, Simon Marčič, Maša H. Knez Heat transfer performance of CO2, ethane and their azeotropic mixture under supercritical conditions
04/04/2018 Francesco Di Maria, Federico Sisani, Marzio Lasagni, Marisa Soares Borges, Thiago H. Gonzales Replacement of energy crops with bio-waste in existing anaerobic digestion plants: An energetic and environmental analysis
04/04/2018 Jingxin Zhang, Xiang Kan, Ye Shen, Kai-Chee Loh, Chi-Hwa Wang, Yanjun Dai, Yen Wah Tong A hybrid biological and thermal waste-to-energy system with heat energy recovery and utilization for solid organic waste treatment
03/04/2018 Mahdi Rezaei, Barat Ghobadian, Seyed Hashem Samadi, Samira Karimi Electric power generation from municipal solid waste: A techno-economical assessment under different scenarios in Iran