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20/06/2018 Zhanxi Pang, Xiaocong Lyu, Fengyi Zhang, Tingting Wu, Zhennan Gao, Zhigang Geng, Chengdong Luo The macroscopic and microscopic analysis on the performance of steam foams during thermal recovery in heavy oil reservoirs
18/06/2018 Yanyan Lei, Wenzhi Li, Qingchuan Liu, Qizhao Lin, Xusheng Zheng, Qifu Huang, Shengnan Guan, Xinhua Wang, Chengxin Wang, Fengyu Li Typical crystal face effects of different morphology ceria on the activity of Pd/CeO2 catalysts for lean methane combustion
18/06/2018 Pratiksha Tathed, Yifu Han, Siddharth Misra Hydrocarbon saturation in Bakken Petroleum System based on joint inversion of resistivity and dielectric dispersion logs
18/06/2018 Zhan Si, Wei Lv, Zhipeng Tian, Kang Bi, Xinghua Zhang, Chenguang Wang, Changle Pang, Renjie Dong, Longlong Ma Conversion of bio-derived phenolic compounds into aromatic hydrocarbons by co-feeding methanol over γ-Al2O3
18/06/2018 Lin Zhao, Xiangwen Zhang, Lun Pan, Jie Liu Storage period prediction and metal compatibility of endothermic hydrocarbon fuels
14/06/2018 R. F. Evangelista, Francisco M. Vargas Prediction of the temperature dependence of densities and vapor pressures of nonpolar hydrocarbons based on their molecular structure and refractive index data at 20 °C
14/06/2018 Charlie Stephan, Moussa Dicko, Paolo Stringari, Christophe Coquelet Liquid-liquid equilibria of water + solutes (acetic acid/ acetol/furfural/guaiacol/methanol/phenol/propanal) + solvents (isopropyl acetate/toluene) ternary systems for pyrolysis oil fractionation
11/06/2018 Mohammed Hail Hakimi, Adel M. Al-Matary, Osman Salad Hersi Late Jurassic bituminous shales from Marib oilfields in the Sabatayn Basin (NW Yemen): Geochemical and petrological analyses reveal oil-shale resource
08/06/2018 Sonal K. Vallabhuni, Aditya D. Lele, Vaibhav Patel, Arnas Lucassen, Kai Moshammer, Mohammed AlAbbad, Aamir Farooq, Ravi X. Fernandes Autoignition studies of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in a shock tube and a rapid compression machine
04/06/2018 Mojtaba Seyyedi, Stefano Tagliaferri, Jimmie Abatzis, Sidsel Marie Nielsen An integrated experimental approach to quantify the oil recovery potential of seawater and low-salinity seawater injection in North Sea chalk oil reservoirs
04/06/2018 Zilong Li, Guibin Liu, Xianfeng Cui, Xingyu Sun, Shuai Li, Yong Qian, Chenxu Jiang, Xingcai Lu Effects of the variation in diesel fuel components on the particulate matter and unregulated gaseous emissions from a common rail diesel engine
31/05/2018 Huong N.T. Nguyen, Nicolas Berguerand, Henrik Thunman Applicability of a kinetic model for catalytic conversion of tar and light hydrocarbons using process-activated ilmenite
31/05/2018 Jeferson A. Valencia-Dávila, Matthias Witt, Cristian Blanco-Tirado, Marianny Y. Combariza Molecular characterization of naphthenic acids from heavy crude oils using MALDI FT-ICR mass spectrometry
31/05/2018 Bharat Singh Rana, Dong-Woo Cho, Kanghee Cho, Jong-Nam Kim Total Acid Number (TAN) reduction of high acidic crude oil by catalytic esterification of naphthenic acids in fixed-bed continuous flow reactor
28/05/2018 Alireza Baghban, Mostafa Adelizadeh On the determination of cetane number of hydrocarbons and oxygenates using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System optimized with evolutionary algorithms
28/05/2018 Ahmet Çalık Determination of vibration characteristics of a compression ignition engine operated by hydrogen enriched diesel and biodiesel fuels
28/05/2018 Zhuqian Xiao, Qiang Zhang, Tianting Chen, Xinning Wang, Yu Fan, Qing Ge, Rui Zhai, Rong Sun, Jianbing Ji, Jianwei Mao Heterobimetallic catalysis for lignocellulose to ethylene glycol on nickel-tungsten catalysts: Influenced by hydroxy groups
17/05/2018 Shan Gao, Xiaoyun Li, Yuyang Li, Haibin Yu, Fanfan Zhang, Yanmin Sun, Huihuang Fang, Xuebin Zhang, Xuelian Liang, Youzhu Yuan Effects of gallium as an additive on activated carbon-supported cobalt catalysts for the synthesis of higher alcohols from syngas
17/05/2018 Koki Kashiwa, Takahiro Kitahara, Masataka Arai, Yoshihiro Kobayashi Benzene pyrolysis and PM formation study using a flow reactor
15/05/2018 Shilpa K. Nandwani, Mousumi Chakraborty, Hans-Jorg Bart, Smita Gupta Synergism, phase behaviour and characterization of ionic liquid-nonionic surfactant mixture in high salinity environment of oil reservoirs
15/05/2018 Zhaojing Ni, Kai Han, Changlu Zhao, Hao Chen, Bo Pang Numerical simulation of droplet evaporation characteristics of multi-component acetone-butanol-ethanol and diesel blends under different environments
15/05/2018 Asghar Azimi, Arash Arabkhalaj, Rasoul Shahsavan Markadeh, Hojat Ghassemi Fully transient modeling of the heavy fuel oil droplets evaporation
11/05/2018 Nastaran Hazrati, Ali Akbar Miran Beigi, Majid Abdouss Demulsification of water in crude oil emulsion using long chain imidazolium ionic liquids and optimization of parameters
09/05/2018 Shijun Huang, Xiao Chen, Hao Liu, Jun Jiang, Meng Cao, Yun Xia Experimental and numerical study of solvent optimization during horizontal-well solvent-enhanced steam flooding in thin heavy-oil reservoirs
07/05/2018 Renato Cataluña, Zeban Shah, Vanessa Venturi, Nattan R. Caetano, Bibiana Porto da Silva, Carla M.N. Azevedo, Rosângela da Silva, Paulo A.Z. Suarez, Lincoln P. Oliveira Production process of di-amyl ether and its use as an additive in the formulation of aviation fuels