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18/06/2018 Pratiksha Tathed, Yifu Han, Siddharth Misra Hydrocarbon saturation in Bakken Petroleum System based on joint inversion of resistivity and dielectric dispersion logs
18/06/2018 Zhan Si, Wei Lv, Zhipeng Tian, Kang Bi, Xinghua Zhang, Chenguang Wang, Changle Pang, Renjie Dong, Longlong Ma Conversion of bio-derived phenolic compounds into aromatic hydrocarbons by co-feeding methanol over γ-Al2O3
18/06/2018 Lin Zhao, Xiangwen Zhang, Lun Pan, Jie Liu Storage period prediction and metal compatibility of endothermic hydrocarbon fuels
14/06/2018 R. F. Evangelista, Francisco M. Vargas Prediction of the temperature dependence of densities and vapor pressures of nonpolar hydrocarbons based on their molecular structure and refractive index data at 20 °C
14/06/2018 Charlie Stephan, Moussa Dicko, Paolo Stringari, Christophe Coquelet Liquid-liquid equilibria of water + solutes (acetic acid/ acetol/furfural/guaiacol/methanol/phenol/propanal) + solvents (isopropyl acetate/toluene) ternary systems for pyrolysis oil fractionation
31/05/2018 Huong N.T. Nguyen, Nicolas Berguerand, Henrik Thunman Applicability of a kinetic model for catalytic conversion of tar and light hydrocarbons using process-activated ilmenite
28/05/2018 Alireza Baghban, Mostafa Adelizadeh On the determination of cetane number of hydrocarbons and oxygenates using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System optimized with evolutionary algorithms
17/05/2018 Koki Kashiwa, Takahiro Kitahara, Masataka Arai, Yoshihiro Kobayashi Benzene pyrolysis and PM formation study using a flow reactor
07/05/2018 Emmanuel Ansah, Lijun Wang, Bo Zhang, Abolghasem Shahbazi Catalytic pyrolysis of raw and hydrothermally carbonized Chlamydomonas debaryana microalgae for denitrogenation and production of aromatic hydrocarbons
03/05/2018 Hamisu Adamu Dandajeh, Nicos Ladommatos, Paul Hellier, Aaron Eveleigh Influence of carbon number of C1-C7 hydrocarbons on PAH formation
16/04/2018 Limo He, Song Hu, Long Jiang, Guang Liao, Xiaofang Chen, Hengda Han, Lingfeng Xiao, Qiangqiang Ren, Yi Wang, Sheng Su, Jun Xiang Carbon nanotubes formation and its influence on steam reforming of toluene over Ni/Al2O3 catalysts: Roles of catalyst supports
16/04/2018 Saeed Rayati, Saghar Rezaie, Fatemeh Nejabat Mn(III)-porphyrin/graphene oxide nanocomposite as an efficient catalyst for the aerobic oxidation of hydrocarbons
16/04/2018 Kuan Ding, Zhaoping Zhong, Jia Wang, Bo Zhang, Liangliang Fan, Shiyu Liu, Yunpu Wang, Yuhuan Liu, Daoxu Zhong, Paul Chen, Roger Ruan Improving hydrocarbon yield from catalytic fast co-pyrolysis of hemicellulose and plastic in the dual-catalyst bed of CaO and HZSM-5
03/04/2018 Bei-Jing Zhong, Hui-Sheng Peng, Dong Zheng The effect of different class of hydrocarbons on laminar flame speeds of three C7 fuels
03/04/2018 Hyun Mo Koo, Chang-Il Ahn, Dong Hyun Lee, Hyun-Seog Roh, Chae-Ho Shin, Hyoungsan Kye, Jong Wook Bae Roles of Al2O3 promoter for an enhanced structural stability of ordered-mesoporous Co3O4 catalyst during CO hydrogenation to hydrocarbons
03/04/2018 Emmanuel Rodríguez, Guillermo Félix, Jorge Ancheyta, Fernando Trejo Modeling of hydrotreating catalyst deactivation for heavy oil hydrocarbons
26/03/2018 Shu-Hui Liu, Chia-Ming Chang, Chi-Wen Lin Modifying proton exchange membrane in a microbial fuel cell by adding clay mineral to improve electricity generation without reducing removal of toluene
23/03/2018 Huangjing Zhao, Tianhao Wu, Abbas Firoozabadi High pressure sorption of various hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide in Kimmeridge Blackstone and isolated kerogen
19/03/2018 F. Ramos-Pallares, F.F. Schoeggl, S.D. Taylor, H.W. Yarranton Expanded fluid-based thermal conductivity model for hydrocarbons and crude oils
13/03/2018 Erfan Mohagheghian, Lesley A. James, Ronald D. Haynes Optimization of hydrocarbon water alternating gas in the Norne field: Application of evolutionary algorithms
23/02/2018 Zhenyang Chang, Wanfeng Zhang, Xiang Ge, Shukui Zhu Use of light hydrocarbons for the oil-oil correlation in Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea
22/02/2018 Pratiksha Tathed, Yifu Han, Siddharth Misra Hydrocarbon saturation in upper Wolfcamp shale formation
23/01/2018 Changzhu Li, Jiangshan Ma, Zhihong Xiao, Stanton B. Hector, Rukuan Liu, Shuangmiao Zuo, Xinfeng Xie, Aihua Zhang, Hong Wu, Qiang Liu Catalytic cracking of Swida wilsoniana oil for hydrocarbon biofuel over Cu-modified ZSM-5 zeolite
23/01/2018 Hseen O. Baled, Isaac K. Gamwo, Robert M. Enick, Mark A. McHugh Viscosity models for pure hydrocarbons at extreme conditions: A review and comparative study
10/01/2018 Shun Tsutsumi, Yasuhiro Saito, Yohsuke Matsushita, Hideyuki Aoki Investigation of colony disruption for hydrocarbon extraction from Botryococcus braunii