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07/11/2017 German manufacturer of solar powered energy systems for heating, cooling, electricity generation and water desalination looks for partners worldwide (BODE20171004001)
07/11/2017 Hydrokinetic device (turbine) for the marine renewable energy sector capable of converting tidal or wave energy into electricity (TOUK20170724002)
07/11/2017 A French social company, specialized in catering wastes valorization, developing local circular economy loops for the benefit of territories’ energetic autonomy is looking for a cooperation agreement such as a service agreement to implement its solution. (BOFR20170718001)
07/11/2017 EUREKA: Development of blind-type solar equipment for generating electricity (RDKR20170726001)
07/11/2017 Italian company producer of ball, gate and check valves for the oil and gas industry seeks distributors or agents (BOIT20170717001)
07/11/2017 Nuevo dispositivo de control de maleza alimentado con biomasa renovable (TOIT20160802001)
07/11/2017 A Korean research institute is looking for partners for license and research cooperation agreement on manufacturing isosorbide polycarbonate from biomass (TOKR20160518001)
07/11/2017 Energy-efficient electric engine with high torque and wide range of rotational speed is offered under license agreement (TOPL20170804001)
07/11/2017 Sistemas de energía basados en generadores de vórtice
07/11/2017 A Taiwanese enterprise specialized in solar photovoltaics and LED power solutions looks for agents or distributors in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic. (BOTW20160311002)
07/11/2017 Innovative portable wind turbine that can be quickly mounted to a ships crane to provide renewable energy for the vessel (TOIE20161214001)
07/11/2017 New high temperature air stable solar selective coating for concentrated solar power (CSP) collectors
07/11/2017 A Polish company specialized in bio wastewater recycling is looking for the cooperation under the manufacturing agreement (BRPL20170822001)
07/11/2017 Fabricante austríaco de plantas de biomasa busca socios para participar en proyectos del programa Horizonte 2020 (TOAT20160803001)
07/11/2017 Empresa austríaca que construye plantas de biomasa busca distribuidores (BOAT20160804001)
07/11/2017 Sustainable production of biofuel (bioethanol) from shellfish waste (TOES20160425002)
07/11/2017 Italian company specialized in identifying and managing risks related to climate variability and climate change is looking for new partners (TOIT20170525001)
07/11/2017 Knowledge and expertise in applying the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to understand, quantify and manage greenhouse gas emissions (TOES20170315002)
07/11/2017 Energy efficiency on-site: a new methodology for urban planning and realization of energy-efficient neighborhoods under the aspects of climate change mitigation and global sustainability (TODE20170403002)
07/11/2017 Empresa sueca busca proveedores de sistemas híbridos de generación de energía con turbina eólica y panel solar (BRSE20160614001)
07/11/2017 Czech producer of mobile solar power plants offers joint venture (BOCZ20170406001)
07/11/2017 Inventors of a technology that maximises energy generated by deep offshore wind turbines seek Financial Agreement to develop the technology (TOMT20170111001)
07/11/2017 Unidad multifuncional de repostaje de gas natural comprimido (GNC) (TOCZ20151204001)
07/11/2017 Empresa del sector de gas natural busca oportunidades de subcontratación y joint venture (BORO20150928002)
07/11/2017 Chinese company offers an advanced Low-rank coal cleaning technology (TOCN20161124001)