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06/05/2021 Leilei Zhang, Zhaobo Gong, Lili Lin, Xinghua Wang, Xianghong Lv, Jian Li, Chen Wang, Di Kou Corrosion-induced CaCO3 fouling in steel tube of oilfield wastewater treatment and the interfacial bonding mechanism: An experimental and theoretical investigation
22/04/2021 Li Nianyin, Yu Jiajie, Wang Chao, Zhang Suiwang, Liu Xiangke, Kang Jia, Wang Yuan, Dai Yinhong Fracturing technology with carbon dioxide: A review
22/04/2021 Jinhyung Cho, Baehyun Min, Seoyoon Kwon, Gayoung Park, Kun Sang Lee Compositional modeling with formation damage to investigate the effects of CO2–CH4 water alternating gas (WAG) on performance of coupled enhanced oil recovery and geological carbon storage
22/04/2021 Raphael Iddphonce, Jinjie Wang Investigation of CO2 and CH4 competitive adsorption during enhanced shale gas production
22/04/2021 Yasaman Cheraghi, Shahin Kord, Vahid Mashayekhizadeh Application of machine learning techniques for selecting the most suitable enhanced oil recovery method; challenges and opportunities
22/04/2021 M.H. Sliem, E.M. Fayyad, A.M. Abdullah, N.A. Younan, N. Al-Qahtani, Fatma F. Nabhan, A. Ramesh, N. Laycock, M.P. Ryan, M. Maqbool, Dhruv Arora Monitoring of under deposit corrosion for the oil and gas industry: A review
22/04/2021 Pouya Hosseinifar, Hamidreza Shahverdi Development of a generalized model for predicting the composition of homologous groups derived from molecular type analyses to characterize petroleum fractions
22/04/2021 Qian Wang, Jian Shen, Piroska Lorinczi, Paul Glover, Shenglai Yang, Hao Chen Oil production performance and reservoir damage distribution of miscible CO2 soaking-alternating-gas (CO2-SAG) flooding in low permeability heterogeneous sandstone reservoirs
22/04/2021 Farzad Pashapouryeganeh, Ghasem Zargar, Mohammad Ali Takassi, Ali kadkhodaie, Ahmad Rabiee One-Pot synthesis of modified-cationic surfactants for enhanced oil recovery applications in carbonate reservoirs
22/04/2021 Fatemeh Zahmatkeshan, Hojjat Mahdiyar, Hamed Aghaei, Mehdi Escrochi, Hojjat Kazemi Investigating the souring mechanism in two giant carbonate oil reservoirs, southwestern Iran
22/04/2021 Hassan Ali, Hassan Soleimani, Noorhana Yahya, Leila Khodapanah, Gregory Kozlowski, Maziyar Sabet, Birol M.R. Demiral, Lawal Lanre Adebayo, Tanvir Hussain Experimental investigation and two-phase flow simulation of oil and nanofluids on micro CT images of sandstone for wettability alteration of the system
22/04/2021 Rui-han Zhang, Jian-fa Wu, Yu-long Zhao, Xiao He, Rui-he Wang Numerical simulation of the feasibility of supercritical CO2 storage and enhanced shale gas recovery considering complex fracture networks
22/04/2021 Caroline Johnson, Morteza Haghighat Sefat, David Davies Developing a well-centric flow model - The first step in a risk-based approach to oil and gas well decommissioning
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