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09/04/2018 Jintong Gao, Qi Zhang, Xiaozhuang Wang, Dayong Song, Weiqi Liu, Wenchao Liu Exergy and exergoeconomic analyses with modeling for CO2 allocation of coal-fired CHP plants
23/03/2018 Maria Izabel Santos, Wadaed Uturbey A practical model for energy dispatch in cogeneration plants
22/12/2017 Ata Chitsaz, Mohsen Sadeghi, Maesoumeh Sadeghi, Elham Ghanbarloo Exergoenvironmental comparison of internal reforming against external reforming in a cogeneration system based on solid oxide fuel cell using an evolutionary algorithm
19/09/2017 B. Arandian, M.M. Ardehali Effects of environmental emissions on optimal combination and allocation of renewable and non-renewable CHP technologies in heat and electricity distribution networks based on improved particle swarm optimization algorithm
30/06/2017 Dušan Gvozdenac, Branka Gvozdenac Urošević, Christoph Menke, Dragan Urošević, Athikom Bangviwat High efficiency cogeneration: CHP and non-CHP energy
29/05/2017 Anna Skorek-Osikowska, Leszek Remiorz, Łukasz Bartela, Janusz Kotowicz Potential for the use of micro-cogeneration prosumer systems based on the Stirling engine with an example in the Polish market
02/05/2017 Martin Leurent, Frédéric Jasserand, Giorgio Locatelli, Jenny Palm, Miika Rämä, Andrea Trianni Driving forces and obstacles to nuclear cogeneration in Europe: Lessons learnt from Finland
27/04/2017 Baris Burak Kanbur, Liming Xiang, Swapnil Dubey, Fook Hoong Choo, Fei Duan Thermoeconomic assessment of a micro cogeneration system with LNG cold utilization
10/04/2017 Mehdi Mehrpooya, Mohammad Mehdi Moftakhari Sharifzadeh Conceptual and basic design of a novel integrated cogeneration power plant energy system
22/02/2017 Firdaus Basrawi, Thamir K. Ibrahim, Khairul Habib, Takanobu Yamada, Daing Mohamad Nafiz Daing Idris Techno-economic performance of biogas-fueled micro gas turbine cogeneration systems in sewage treatment plants: Effect of prime mover generation capacity
22/02/2017 Alessandro Franco, Michele Versace Optimum sizing and operational strategy of CHP plant for district heating based on the use of composite indicators
18/01/2017 Philipp Vögelin, Ben Koch, Gil Georges, Konstatinos Boulouchos Heuristic approach for the economic optimisation of combined heat and power (CHP) plants: Operating strategy, heat storage and power
16/12/2016 Eduardo Konrad Burin, Tobias Vogel, Sven Multhaupt, Andre Thelen, Gerd Oeljeklaus, Klaus Görner, Edson Bazzo Thermodynamic and economic evaluation of a solar aided sugarcane bagasse cogeneration power plant
20/06/2016 Ana C. Ferreira, Manuel L. Nunes, José C.F. Teixeira, Luís A.S.B. Martins, Senhorinha F.C.F. Teixeira Thermodynamic and economic optimization of a solar-powered Stirling engine for micro-cogeneration purposes
25/01/2016 L. Jiang, L.W. Wang, C.Z. Liu, R.Z. Wang Experimental study on a resorption system for power and refrigeration cogeneration
23/11/2015 Leyla Khani, S. Mohammad S. Mahmoudi, Ata Chitsaz, Marc A. Rosen Energy and exergoeconomic evaluation of a new power/cooling cogeneration system based on a solid oxide fuel cell
22/09/2015 Hayato Hagi, Thibaut Neveux, Yann Le Moullec Efficiency evaluation procedure of coal-fired power plants with CO2 capture, cogeneration and hybridization
14/08/2015 Yasin Ust, Feyyaz Arslan, Ibrahim Ozsari, Mehmet Cakir Thermodynamic performance analysis and optimization of DMC (Dual Miller Cycle) cogeneration system by considering exergetic performance coefficient and total exergy output criteria
06/08/2015 María Uris, José Ignacio Linares, Eva Arenas Size optimization of a biomass-fired cogeneration plant CHP/CCHP (Combined heat and power/Combined heat, cooling and power) based on Organic Rankine Cycle for a district network in Spain
07/07/2015 Francesco Rossi, David Velázquez A methodology for energy savings verification in industry with application for a CHP (combined heat and power) plant
15/06/2015 Bruno S. Dallan, Joseph Schumann, Frédéric J. Lesage Performance evaluation of a photoelectric–thermoelectric cogeneration hybrid system
30/03/2015 Tetsuya Wakui, Ryohei Yokoyama Optimal structural design of residential cogeneration systems with battery based on improved solution method for mixed-integer linear programming
23/03/2015 Jean-Louis Bouvier, Ghislain Michaux, Patrick Salagnac, François Nepveu, Dominique Rochier, Thiebaut Kientz Experimental characterisation of a solar parabolic trough collector used in a micro-CHP (micro-cogeneration) system with direct steam generation
18/02/2015 Tiago Luís Oliveira, Paulo Santos Assis, Elisângela Martins Leal, Jaderson Rodrigues Ilídio Study of biomass applied to a cogeneration system: A steelmaking industry case
09/02/2015 Chen Yue, Dong Han, Wenhao Pu, Weifeng He Energetic analysis of a novel vehicle power and cooling/heating cogeneration energy system using cascade cycles