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20/06/2018 Alexandre Trottier, Frederick P. Adams, Alex Levinsky, Danila Roubtsov Nuclear data sensitivity for reactor physics parameters in a lead-cooled reactor
19/06/2018 Jia Guo, Ming Yang, Bowen Zou, Yuxin Zhang, Jun Yang, Xinyu Dai Nuclear safety-critical Digital Instrumentation and Control system software: Reliability demonstration
15/06/2018 Bamidele Ebiwonjumi, Sooyoung Choi, Matthieu Lemaire, Deokjung Lee, Ho Cheol Shin Validation of lattice physics code STREAM for predicting pressurized water reactor spent nuclear fuel isotopic inventory
31/05/2018 Abdullah Alali, Philipp J. Schöffel, Joachim Herb, Rafael Macian Numerical investigations on the coupling of the one-group interfacial area transport equation and subcooled boiling models for nuclear safety applications
28/05/2018 Jun Yang, Doo Yong Lee, Shuichiro Miwa, Shao-wen Chen Overview of filtered containment venting system in Nuclear Power Plants in Asia
28/05/2018 Daeil Lee, Poong Hyun Seong, Jonghyun Kim Autonomous operation algorithm for safety systems of nuclear power plants by using long-short term memory and function-based hierarchical framework
28/05/2018 P. Helgesson, H. Sjöstrand Treating model defects by fitting smoothly varying model parameters: Energy dependence in nuclear data evaluation
28/05/2018 Hyun Gook Kang, Sang Hun Lee, Seung Jun Lee, Tsong-Lun Chu, Athi Varuttamaseni, Meng Yue, Steve Yang, Heung Seop Eom, Jaehyun Cho, Ming Li Development of a Bayesian belief network model for software reliability quantification of digital protection systems in nuclear power plants
17/05/2018 Asko Arkoma, Risto Huhtanen, Jaakko Leppänen, Juho Peltola, Timo Pättikangas Calculation chain for the analysis of spent nuclear fuel in long-term interim dry storage
17/05/2018 Soonjo Kwon, Bongcheol Kim, Kyungik An, Dongsoo Ryu, Duhwan Mun, Soonhung Han Standardized exchange of plant equipment and materials data based on ISO 15926 methodology in nuclear power plants
16/04/2018 Wei Li, Minjun Peng, Qingzhong Wang False alarm reducing in PCA method for sensor fault detection in a nuclear power plant
11/04/2018 R.M. Ayo-Imoru, A.C. Cilliers Continuous machine learning for abnormality identification to aid condition-based maintenance in nuclear power plant
04/04/2018 Cody Yu-Ling Hsiao, Hsing Hung Chen The contagious effects on economic development after resuming construction policy for nuclear power plants in Coastal China
23/03/2018 C. Cany, C. Mansilla, G. Mathonnière, P. da Costa Nuclear power supply: Going against the misconceptions. Evidence of nuclear flexibility from the French experience
23/03/2018 Zhe Dong, Zuoyi Zhang, Yujie Dong, Xiaojin Huang Multi-layer perception based model predictive control for the thermal power of nuclear superheated-steam supply systems
13/03/2018 C. Cany, C. Mansilla, G. Mathonnière, P. da Costa Nuclear contribution to the penetration of variable renewable energy sources in a French decarbonised power mix
06/03/2018 Ji-Bum Chung, Eun-Sung Kim Public perception of energy transition in Korea: Nuclear power, climate change, and party preference
06/03/2018 Xiujie He, Li Shi, Haiyan Li, Jie Tan, Baoliang Zhang, Alex Fok, Xinxin Wu, Libin Sun Experimental study to estimate the surface wear of nuclear graphite in HTR-PM
01/03/2018 Martin Leurent, Pascal Da Costa, Miika Rämä, Urban Persson, Frédéric Jasserand Cost-benefit analysis of district heating systems using heat from nuclear plants in seven European countries
01/03/2018 Gangyang Zheng, Huali Wu, Jipu Wang, Sijuan Chen, Yunhuang Zhang Thorium-based molten salt SMR as the nuclear technology pathway from a market-oriented perspective
26/02/2018 A. Vasiliev, D. Rochman, M. Pecchia, H. Ferroukhi On the options for incorporating nuclear data uncertainties in criticality safety assessments for LWR fuel
26/02/2018 Daniel Suescún-Díaz, Emilse Cabrera-Capera, Jaime H. Lozano-Parada Matrix formulation for the calculation of nuclear reactivity
23/02/2018 Evans D. Kitcher, Jonathan D. Burns Criticality concerns of a group actinide co-crystallization separations approach to used nuclear fuel recycling
23/02/2018 Yuehui Wang, Pengfei Wang, Xiaohong Tan, Zhongbin Xu, Xiaodong Ruan Research on the non-uniform inflow characteristics of the canned nuclear coolant pump
23/02/2018 Xiaofang Wang, Yeming Lu Optimization of the cross section area on the meridian surface of the 1400-MW canned nuclear coolant pump based on a new medial axial transform design method