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09/04/2018 Shanzhi Xin, Tie Mi, Xiaoye Liu, Fang Huang Effect of torrefaction on the pyrolysis characteristics of high moisture herbaceous residues
04/04/2018 Jingxin Zhang, Xiang Kan, Ye Shen, Kai-Chee Loh, Chi-Hwa Wang, Yanjun Dai, Yen Wah Tong A hybrid biological and thermal waste-to-energy system with heat energy recovery and utilization for solid organic waste treatment
03/04/2018 Mahdi Rezaei, Barat Ghobadian, Seyed Hashem Samadi, Samira Karimi Electric power generation from municipal solid waste: A techno-economical assessment under different scenarios in Iran
28/03/2018 Natalia Kabalina, Mário Costa, Weihong Yang, Andrew Martin Impact of a reduction in heating, cooling and electricity loads on the performance of a polygeneration district heating and cooling system based on waste gasification
27/03/2018 Yasameen Al-Ameen, Anton Ianakiev, Robert Evans Recycling construction and industrial landfill waste material for backfill in horizontal ground heat exchanger systems
13/03/2018 Qian Zhang, Qingfeng Li, Hongliang Wang, Zhiqing Wang, Zhongliang Yu, Linxian Zhang, Wei Huang, Yitian Fang Experimental study on co-pyrolysis and gasification behaviors of petroleum residue with lignite
02/03/2018 M. Lajili, C. Guizani, F.J. Escudero Sanz, M. Jeguirim Fast pyrolysis and steam gasification of pellets prepared from olive oil mill residues
19/09/2017 Stephanie Lansing, Ayella Maile-Moskowitz, Alexander Eaton Waste treatment and energy production from small-scale wastewater digesters
11/09/2017 Javier Pallarés, Carlos Herce, Carmen Bartolomé, Begoña Peña Investigation on co-firing of coal mine waste residues in pulverized coal combustion systems
02/08/2017 Akarin Intaniwet, Nattaporn Chaiyat Levelized electricity costing per carbon dioxide intensity of an organic Rankine cycle by using a water hyacinth-municipal solid waste fuel
22/05/2017 Christine Knoop, Christina Dornack, Thomas Raab Nutrient and heavy metal accumulation in municipal organic waste from separate collection during anaerobic digestion in a two-stage laboratory biogas plant
26/04/2017 Javier Celaya-Romeo, Fredrik Wernersson Brodin, Kai Toven Re-homogenization of phase separated forest residue pyrolysis oil by blending
24/04/2017 Marika Tossavainen, Anne Nykänen, Kalle Valkonen, Anne Ojala, Silja Kostia, Martin Romantschuk Culturing of Selenastrum on diluted composting fluids; conversion of waste to valuable algal biomass in presence of bacteria
24/04/2017 Athanasios Foukis, Olga A. Gkini, Panagiota-Yiolanda Stergiou, Vasilios A. Sakkas, Agapi Dima, Konstantina Boura, Athanasios Koutinas, Emmanuel M. Papamichael Sustainable production of a new generation biofuel by lipase-catalyzed esterification of fatty acids from liquid industrial waste biomass
19/04/2017 Chuan Zhang, Alessandro Romagnoli, Je Young Kim, Anis Athirah Mohd Azli, Srithar Rajoo, Andrew Lindsay Implementation of industrial waste heat to power in Southeast Asia: an outlook from the perspective of market potentials, opportunities and success catalysts
18/04/2017 Ho Myeong Kim, Yong-Soo Choi, Dae-Seok Lee, Yong-Hwan Kim, Hyeun-Jong Bae Production of bio-sugar and bioethanol from coffee residue (CR) by acid-chlorite pretreatment
05/04/2017 Na Deng, Awen Zhang, Qiang Zhang, Guansong He, Wenqian Cui, Guanyi Chen, Chengcai Song Simulation analysis and ternary diagram of municipal solid waste pyrolysis and gasification based on the equilibrium model
03/04/2017 Edyta Dudkiewicz, Natalia Fidorów-Kaprawy The energy analysis of a hybrid hot tap water preparation system based on renewable and waste sources
03/04/2017 L. Wei, C.S. Cheung, Z. Ning Influence of waste cooking oil biodiesel on combustion, unregulated gaseous emissions and particulate emissions of a direct-injection diesel engine
03/04/2017 Yunbo Zhai, Chuan Peng, Bibo Xu, Tengfei Wang, Caiting Li, Guangming Zeng, Yun Zhu Hydrothermal carbonisation of sewage sludge for char production with different waste biomass: Effects of reaction temperature and energy recycling
31/03/2017 Hanne Wikberg, Stina Grönqvist, Piritta Niemi, Atte Mikkelson, Matti Siika-aho, Heimo Kanerva, Andres Käsper, Tarja Tamminen Hydrothermal treatment followed by enzymatic hydrolysis and hydrothermal carbonization as means to valorise agro- and forest-based biomass residues
28/03/2017 Hajar Bahry, Agnès Pons, Rawa Abdallah, Guillaume Pierre, Cédric Delattre, Nidal Fayad, Samir Taha, Christophe Vial Valorization of carob waste: Definition of a second-generation bioethanol production process
21/02/2017 Zhiyi Yao, Wangliang Li, Xiang Kan, Yanjun Dai, Yen Wah Tong, Chi-Hwa Wang Anaerobic digestion and gasification hybrid system for potential energy recovery from yard waste and woody biomass
14/02/2017 Drake Mboowa, Shireen Quereshi, Chiranjit Bhattacharjee, Kukeera Tonny, Suman Dutta Qualitative determination of energy potential and methane generation from municipal solid waste (MSW) in Dhanbad (India)
14/02/2017 Jianhua Zhang, Mingming Lin, Junghui Chen, Jinliang Xu, Kang Li PLS-based multi-loop robust H2 control for improvement of operating efficiency of waste heat energy conversion systems with organic Rankine cycle