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14/05/2019 Javier García Breva La lucha contra el cambio climático obliga a cambiar el organigrama de todas las administraciones públicas
15/02/2019 Javier García Breva Una gobernanza del clima no apta para contaminadores
15/03/2018 Max Åhman, Jon Birger Skjaerseth, Per Ove Eikeland Demonstrating climate mitigation technologies: An early assessment of the NER 300 programme
06/03/2018 Christopher Shaw, Victoria Hurth, Stuart Capstick, Emily Cox Intermediaries' perspectives on the public's role in the energy transitions needed to deliver UK climate change policy goals
06/03/2018 Ji-Bum Chung, Eun-Sung Kim Public perception of energy transition in Korea: Nuclear power, climate change, and party preference
20/02/2018 Javier García Breva Cinco razones para abandonar la indolencia climática
18/12/2017 Frauke Urban China's rise: Challenging the North-South technology transfer paradigm for climate change mitigation and low carbon energy
18/12/2017 Alexis Pérez-Fargallo, Carlos Rubio-Bellido, Jesús A. Pulido-Arcas, Fco. Javier Guevara-García Fuel Poverty Potential Risk Index in the context of climate change in Chile
13/11/2017 Javier García Breva La regulación eléctrica acelera el cambio climático en España
09/10/2017 Benjamin A. Jones, Joseph Ripberger, Hank Jenkins-Smith, Carol Silva Estimating willingness to pay for greenhouse gas emission reductions provided by hydropower using the contingent valuation method
26/09/2017 Carlos André B. Mendes, Alexandre Beluco, Fausto Alfredo Canales Some important uncertainties related to climate change in projections for the Brazilian hydropower expansion in the Amazon
26/09/2017 Javier García Breva Contra el cambio climático, democratizar la energía
22/09/2017 George Brown, Benjamin K. Sovacool The presidential politics of climate discourse: Energy frames, policy, and political tactics from the 2016 Primaries in the United States
19/09/2017 Sergio Castellari Climate change in Europe: Responding to disasters and preparing for an uncertain future
11/09/2017 Jim Krane Beyond 12.5: The implications of an increase in Saudi crude oil production capacity
31/08/2017 Christina Demski, Darrick Evensen, Nick Pidgeon, Alexa Spence Public prioritisation of energy affordability in the UK
29/08/2017 Javier García Breva Una Ley del Cambio Climático ejemplarizante
18/07/2017 Aimee McKane, Tala Daya, Gideon Richards Improving the relevance and impact of international standards for global climate change mitigation and increased energy access
18/07/2017 Jiuping Xu, Jingqi Dai, Heping Xie, Chengwei Lv Coal utilization eco-paradigm towards an integrated energy system
18/07/2017 Emanuele Massetti, Carlo Carraro, Sujata Gupta, Jochen Harnish, Raymond J. Kopp Investments in and macroeconomic costs of climate mitigation in the Working Group III contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC
08/05/2017 Aimee McKane, Peter Therkelsen, Anna Scodel, Prakash Rao, Arian Aghajanzadeh, Simon Hirzel, Ruiqin Zhang, Richard Prem, Alberto Fossa, Ana M. Lazarevska, Marco Matteini, Bettina Schreck, Fabian Allard, Noé Villegal Alcántar, Karel Steyn, Ertaç Hürdoğ Predicting the quantifiable impacts of ISO 50001 on climate change mitigation
23/03/2017 Llewelyn Hughes, Jonas Meckling The politics of renewable energy trade: The US-China solar dispute
22/03/2017 Karina D. Véliz, Robert K. Kaufmann, Cutler J. Cleveland, Anne M.K. Stoner The effect of climate change on electricity expenditures in Massachusetts
16/03/2017 Carmen Alonso, Fernando Martín-Consuegra, Ignacio Oteiza, Eloy Asensio, Gloria Pérez, Isabel Martínez, Borja Frutos Effect of façade surface finish on building energy rehabilitation
13/03/2017 A. Hasan, J. Sarwar, H. Alnoman, S. Abdelbaqi Yearly energy performance of a photovoltaic-phase change material (PV-PCM) system in hot climate